Pepper’s New Lenses


Pepper received an accessory lens set for her iPhone this Christmas. It came with a macro and a wide angle lens which can be combined for additional effects. Basically, you end up with three lenses.

Once the presents were unwrapped, Pepper was out the door like a shot, phone in one hand, lenses in the other. The following photos are a sample of what she came up with.






Pepper says the lenses are simple to use – all you do is clip them over the lens on your phone. Lighting matters a bit more than usual, though, as you can’t use flash when the lenses are attached. You have to either shoot in daylight or use a tripod for best results. Even so, these lenses have opened up all new possibilities for us – I mean, Pepper. And, if you love macro photography (like I do), but hate carrying around the usual giant macro lenses, this is great. You can get much closer to the kinds of photos you want to take, without feeling like a pack horse. Thankfully, Pepper is a very generous person and will likely loan me these at least once or twice – hopefully during gardening season.

From the dining room table, getting ready to work on a new knitting project – possum fur mittens! (yes, you read that correctly),

Mrs. Smythe

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  1. Ooh, isn’t that exciting?! I may need to invest in one of those fun little toys in the months ahead . . . 🙂