Storm Damage

A storm hit us in early this afternoon. And while I’m thankful for the rain (it’s so needed right now), the storm, itself, took a toll on our trees.

I was out back in the muggy air, doing a crossword puzzle while the dogs panted beside me on the patio. Storm clouds were moving in, thunder was rumbling, and the golf course warning horn had already gone off. But still, I stayed outside. I happen to like a good storm (usually), and it’s fun to watch them roll in. In the back of my mind, though, I recalled the old saying that if you can hear thunder, lightning can reach you. I looked around and there were lots of things taller than I was, so I stayed outside until I’d finished my puzzle. Then I went inside.

Two minutes later, I saw a blinding light, felt the house shudder, and heard the smoke alarms shriek.

I thought the house had been struck.

But no, lightning had struck a stand of trees separating our yard from our neighbors’ to the south – a stand of trees not far from where I’d been sitting just moments before.

I didn’t dare go outside to investigate, I could still hear thunder. But, from several windows, I saw shattered wood and a tree that looked like it’d been split in two. About an hour later, the rain slowed and CPT A and I walked over to see what had happened. Our neighbors, too, were outside, staring at a yard full of tree “shrapnel”. There were pieces of wood on the lawn, on their back porch, on their roof, and on the driveway of the house next to them. We counted, and four of the trees looked to have been hit.


It was sobering.

I can tell you, if I hear thunder again, I’ll move into the house pronto. Looking at what a single strike can do to a stand of trees has convinced me that the best place to watch a storm is from a safe spot inside the house.

Mr. Wa agrees. I found him hiding next to our printer after the lightning hit. Mr. Wa would never have stayed out on the patio doing a crossword puzzle during a storm. Mr. Wa has more sense than that.


From the dining room table, happy to report that the chickens weathered the storm beautifully,

Mrs. Smythe

4 Comments on “Storm Damage

    • I’m glad there wasn’t more damage than we had. We have one old pine – “Grandpa Pine” we call him – that I would have been very sorry to lose.

  1. Yikes! Mr. Wa is still pretty brave–Mr. Bean and Teenie Longfellow would be nowhere to be seen. 🙂