The First Eggs!

CPT A (who is usually the one to let the chickens out in the morning) happened onto an egg in the nesting box today. I took photos and was all set to write a blog about “the first egg”, when Ginger came in several hours later with another egg.

IMG_0802 (1)

Thrilling stuff!

We suspect these were laid by our Speckled Sussex (Cassie) and our Lavender Orpington (Everest). The other chicken breeds we have lay eggs of different colors.

To give you an idea of the size of our eggs, here is one (at right) next to a grocery store egg.


Not up to the size we expect they will eventually reach. But still – eggs!

Did we eat them?

Not yet. There was some confusion. Were we supposed to eat the early eggs? We weren’t sure. The time for breakfast came and went. The eggs went into the refrigerator. We did a bit of research. As it turns out – yes, you can eat the early eggs. But, by the time we’d reached a consensus, it was dinner time.

So, tomorrow! Tomorrow, we will eat the eggs.

In the meantime, there was much celebrating.

The girls gave Everest a wagon ride.


Did Everest like it?


I think it would be more accurate to say she tolerated it.


Probably more to her liking were the dried worms Pepper offered her – and all of the chickens – afterward


And then the chickens trampled all over the rock garden I’m currently building.


They were thrilled at the number of ants I’d unearthed. Quite a few of those ants (or their relatives) bit me yesterday while I was working, so I was all too happy to turn the chickens loose on them.

From the dining room table, thinking I’ll probably scramble those eggs,

Mrs. Smythe

6 Comments on “The First Eggs!

    • The whole thing is pretty amazing. We’re really enjoying having the fresh eggs and the fun of waiting for them to arrive.

  1. Yippee! The fresh ones are amazing and have a beautiful color yolk. Enjoy!

    • Very satisfying to have at least one of the pets supplying us with food instead of the other way around. 😉

    • Ginger has been checking the nesting box multiple times each day – it’s like waiting for the mail, only more fun. 🙂