The Week in Review


Leaf Report: We’re starting to see patches of fall color here. Many of the trees have smudges of red  and orange, but, overall, the bulk of the scenery remains a stalwart green.


With school in session again, there are lots of books laying around house. I’m just as apt to leave mine around as the girls. Here Shadow shows you her opinion of my current reading material (Villette by Charlotte Bronte).


(Actually, she’s sleeping. I’m not sure why she sleeps like that, but it’s a common occurrence.)

CPT A and I observed our 23rd wedding anniversary this past week. To celebrate, we took the family to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch. You know your child is growing up when she takes the crayons the waitress hands her and produces something that looks like this on the back of her kids’ menu.


(This might be a good argument for her to start ordering from the adult menu).

Apple pie is another great way to celebrate anniversaries – or anything else. Here’s one Pepper and I put together on Saturday.


And then, of course, we had to photograph it with the Prisma App.


Have I mentioned that I love that App?

Pepper loves it too and has been taking photos from the passenger seat when we’re out driving. This lovely home looks great on its own, but I think this painterly rendering makes it look even better.


And, finally, our garden is heavy with zinnias at the moment. They’re my favorite flower, so I’m thrilled. These wine colored ones are my favorites, I think.


I had planned to show you a finished craft project, too, but I’m still in the midst of a baby blanket that is taking much longer than I had expected it too. Here’s hoping I can make some significant progress on it in the coming week.

From the dining room table, watching CPT A finish the last of that apple pie,

Mrs. Smythe

4 Comments on “The Week in Review

    • Most of the zinnias came from seed (from my neighbor’s last years’ garden). Some, though, I bought as seedlings. Both have done equally well, though I think the wine colored ones I like so much are the ones my neighbor gave me seeds for.

  1. Hooray for fall!
    And Hooray for you! Twenty-three years is a pretty big deal. Congrats! Here’s to the next twenty-three . . . 🙂