When Your Sister Visits New England…

If your sister comes to New England (as mine did this past week), you’ll almost certainly want to show her a good time. You’ll want her to see all of the charming old homes, the foliage-packed back roads, the historic spots, and the fun shops. Of course, you can’t squeeze everything into just one visit, but you can make a good start, which is exactly what we did.

But first, we introduced her to the dogs…


and the chickens.


The dogs loved her – even Manny, who is not known to be friendly with strangers. (I was actually shocked at how much he liked her). The chickens ramped up their laying while she was here, and we had fresh eggs nearly every morning. The only animal who wasn’t smitten with my sister was Mr. Wa. He hid out in various places around the house during her entire visit, finally making an appearance the afternoon she left. Cats.

Once we’d gotten the animal introductions out of the way, we drove to Old Sturbridge Village…


…where the scenery was so pretty, I took more photos of trees than people.

Then it was off to Yankee Candle where it snows every four minutes.


(We were picking “snowflakes” off of each other for hours after that).

The weekend rolled around and we drove into Boston for a visit to the Aquarium.


The touch tank was probably the highlight. The crowds were thick, but my sister was impressed and had a great time. Then it was just a quick walk to Boston Harbor for some quality people/boat watching.


And Sunday? Sunday it rained. So, we went bowling. (Ginger’s idea).


This was actually one of my favorite days. We had such a good time, I’ve made a vow to bowl more often in the coming months. Heck, I might even join a league!

And for the final day? We drove up into the hills to a pumpkin farm.


The weather took a decidedly cold turn that day, but we managed to eat ice cream anyway.

And now the visit is over. We’ve returned to our usual routine. Today, rather than visit something scenic, I mowed the lawn.

(Where was my sister when I needed her?)

Her visit, though, (besides being a nice chance to spend time with family) was a great reminder of the fun and beauty that surrounds us here in Massachusetts. I loved seeing everything afresh through my sister’s eyes. It was a lovely, lovely week.

From the dining room table, so glad my sister came for a visit,

Mrs. Smythe

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  1. I am so glad you two sisters could spend time together!! Sisters are one of the best treasures in life. I have a fabulous one!!!