The Week in Review…a bit late.

The postings have been a bit slow lately. A fuller Fall schedule with more activities for the kids is at the root of it. What I have been able to do is knit – mainly because I’m so often waiting for one of the kids’ activities to finish up.

Last week I completed a set of Maine Morning Mitts for Ginger.


I managed to put these together in just a couple of days. They’re great for using up leftover yarn, and, though it’s a pattern for adult hands, you can go down a needle size (as I did), and they will work for kids. This a great pattern to use if you’d like to knit mitts as a gift. The ribbing ensures an excellent fit regardless of hand size.


In the knitting “fails” category – this recent attempt at a vest.


Egads! Talk about gauge being off. This thing was coming out HUGE! I have since abandoned this pattern and am heading in an entirely different direction with the yarn. Stay tuned.

Ginger’s pumpkin carving was more successful than my vest making.


With CPT A’s help, she turned out a lovely butterfly-themed jack-o-lantern.


(Although, is it still considered a a jack-o-lantern if it doesn’t have a face?)

The dots are something she saw on Instagram. They look very pretty when lit.


In garden news, some of the flowers were still holding out in spots at the start of the week.


The straw flowers proved especially resilient.

And then it snowed.


The snow – though short-lived – definitely put a damper on the flowers.

And, finally, in chicken news, CPT A has been working with Kipper, seeing if this whole “chicken guardian” idea is feasible.

So far…

img_1817 img_1820

…there’s potential. Kipper tends to want to keep the chickens moving, though. We’ll need to work on that. But, there’s definitely hope!

And hope is always a good thing.

From the dining room table, hoping, too, to get to the leaves raked up before it rain this week,

Mrs. Smythe

6 Comments on “The Week in Review…a bit late.

  1. Really fun update! Love the gloves. Really perfect for those times outside you want to keep your hands warm but need the finger dexterity. I can really relate to the “failed” project, as I’ve experienced many of those myself, but such beautiful yarn. I’m very proud of Kipper, stepping up to his new responsibility!

  2. I love the gloves! Especially the ones you made with your friend’s yarn. What a lovely gift! I have crocheted a few fingerless gloves, but since my fingers are always cold I don’t see the point for me. They sure look nice though!
    Love the colourway of the vest: can’t wait to see it in its new incarnation.
    Cute pumpkin:)