Curbing the Lawn’s Enthusiasm…and other news from the yard.

Last weekend, I cut the grass for the first time this year.

I should have done it weeks earlier, but between the rain and our schedule…well, it had gotten overgrown (to say the least). Can you see in the above photo?

The most time-consuming part was the side yard where the bugle is growing. This is the second year I’ve mown around the flowers, leaving little “islands” of bugle for the bees.

It took a ridiculous amount of time, but the flowers are pretty, and the bees are happy, and within a month or so, the bugle will be bloomed out, and then I can just mow everything the usual way.

You can imagine how much grass I had by the time I’d finished. Usually I compost the clippings, but there was too much grass and dandelion seed mixed in, so I spread the clippings out as mulch for the chickens to play in.

They weren’t very interested, which surprised me.

They also turned their noses up at this:

I think these are forest tent caterpillars. We found them in one of the trees behind the chicken coop. We thought the chickens would be ecstatic, but they wouldn’t touch them. Can you blame them? Yuck.

Insects I’ve been more pleased to see – the bumble bees that inhabit the azalea bush in the side yard.

There are so many, the entire shrub hums.

The rhododendrons are blooming.

As are the weigela,

the clematis,

the salvia,

and the iris.

(The yard seems to be predominantly pink and purple right now, doesn’t it?)

And I have a nice selection of herbs I keep meaning to get into the back rock garden, but haven’t managed to get past the porch steps.

One last thing – an addition to the yard this week: Ginger’s succulent garden.

The tiny plants you see are ones she has propagated. The three largest ones are recent additions she used to help fill in the space in an old bird bath I wasn’t using. She got the idea to use it as a planter from Pinterest. I love the way it looks and think it’s such a clever idea.

So, lots of plants this week – and little else – but then, it’s spring. Things are growing unbelievably fast. In fact, it’s almost time to mow the lawn again. Sigh.

From the dining room table, up much earlier than usual because Pepper had a bus to catch,

Mrs. Smythe

6 Comments on “Curbing the Lawn’s Enthusiasm…and other news from the yard.

  1. Purple and blue are just perfect! What lovely flowers you have, and I love that the bees are happy.
    I saw your blanket I your last post and I think that’s what I want to do with my stash. I had initially though baby blankets, but I don’t know of anyone having a baby so we might as well enjoy it! I bet we would have made super pioneers:)

    • Thank you, Jenn! I’ve really enjoyed working on the granny afghan. I had to set it aside when the temperatures went into the 90’s, but we’re back down in the 50’s again, so it’s time to get it back out and get back to work. And, yes – I agree – we would have been excellent pioneers! 😉

  2. Everything looks so lush & green! I purchased some bugle myself this year after seeing your earlier post. Looking forward to those beautiful blue flowers.

    • It is very green here right now – we’ve had lots of rain this week. I hope you have as much success with your bugle as I have!