At Last, the Sun

Hello, everyone!

To start: an update on the Kipper fur I put out several weeks ago…

A definite success! I had to refill the “fur cage” this week (I have a whole sack of Kipper clippings in the closet to draw from). It’s fun thinking about all the little birds who are now bedding down in fur-lined nests.

Cooler temperatures and lots of rain kept us mainly indoors the past two weeks. When the skies did clear, I was able to dash out to check on the garden. It was good weather for the seeds I planted, but the weeds have also enjoyed the rain, and I’ll be busy the rest of the week pulling out what I can and getting mulch laid down so that things don’t get out of hand.

Currently in bloom:


Sage and Chives,

and this wonderful perennial geranium a woman at church gave me last year:

Isn’t it sweet? She has the most wonderful garden, smack dab in the middle of the city. You’d never know it was there. When things get overgrown, she digs and divides and then offers the extra plants to others at coffee hour after Sunday services. Isn’t that a kind thing to do? I love having a little piece of her garden in my yard.

We’ve had a couple of “volunteers” crop up in the garden this year: this Iris is one of several that popped up along the driveway:

and this wild rose is blooming along the side of the house right now.

I’m pleased about the iris, but am wondering about the rose. It’s rather vicious if you get too close – there are some nasty thorns hiding behind those pretty flowers. I’ve also noticed many identical roses in other yards in the neighborhood, so I think it must be a bit invasive. I was all set to dig it out, but then it bloomed. Now, I’m waffling. Does anyone have any input?

And, finally, it was so cold and gray yesterday (in the low fifties!) that I lit a fire to try to bring some cheer to the house. It worked, and I enjoyed one last (I hope) cozy moment in front of the fire before summer sets in.

From the dining room table, getting ready to pick up an embroidery project – I’m cross stitching with beads for a change,

Mrs. Smythe

6 Comments on “At Last, the Sun

  1. Greetings from MN relatives. Two things. 1. Great use of dog fur for the birdies. I am trying a sack of hair clippings hung in a young apple tree. A deer had nibbled flower buds off. Was told hair (human / canine) works as deterrent. 2. Love your flower pics. Those pink purple spheres among the herbs must be chive. White “pavement” rose in our yard wants to spread by runners, but the fragrance in bloom seems worth it.
    Also, your girls have another IA relation. Baby born nearly two weeks ago is my son’s third child. God bless!

    • Thanks for the gardening info, and congratulations on the new addition! 🙂 So exciting! Thank you, too, for pointing out that it is chives and not dill that are flowering in that photo. Dill is in the space farther down the hill and is not currently in bloom.

  2. Your garden looks great! I feel like we have had two days of good weather for gardening, and the rest have geen rainy and cold. I still have plants in their pots waiting to be planted! Warmer days are supposed to come soon, so hopefully my garden will resemble yours a little bit soon!

    • Thank you! Hope better weather is headed your way. We’ve warmed up here, thankfully. But we were off to a pretty bleak start! I sympathize.

  3. Your garden looks spectacular! My flowers seem to prefer the cooler temperatures & rain.

    • Thank you, Tea Lady! I feel for your flowers, then…you have been having some scorching temperatures lately!