Garden Visitors

August is the big month for flowers in my garden…which means it’s also the big month for pollinators. I’ve been thrilled this year to see so many bees and butterflies, and I get a kick out of just sitting on the porch, watching everything coming and going.

I tried to photograph some of our visitors today, but didn’t have much luck. Everything was moving too fast for my phone camera. CPT A took pity on me and pulled out his fancy Nikon D3 to see what he could do. As usual, it was a lot. All of these photos are his work – thank you, CPT A!

Seeing bees and butterflies enjoying themselves is one of my favorite things about having a garden. And, on days like today, when things are humming (literally), it’s easy for me to start thinking about expansion.

Suddenly, I want more butterfly weed, more cosmos, more butterfly bushes…more of everything that seems to attract these pollinators.

All of the weeding and digging and planting is forgotten…at least for a little while….as I envision a sea of blossoms, bees, and butterflies.

It’s a lovely thought.

From the dining room table, wondering who will drop by the garden tomorrow….,

Mrs. Smythe



4 Comments on “Garden Visitors

  1. Love the butterfly pics best, but they are all really nice ?