A Foray into Decorating, a List for Brides, and Some Completed Knitting

I took a step toward holiday decorating this past week by bringing up my “Winter Animals” from the basement. They’re festive, but not overtly Christmassy, so I figured I could sneak them in early.Β This year I added a strand of twinkle lights for extra sparkle. The kitten in the stocking at the right (just below the mantle) is a recent addition. I picked him up at a craft fair Pepper and I attended this past Saturday. It was a lovely event, and I left with a good amount of my Christmas shopping done and the question in my mind, “Why don’t I shop at these local fairs more often?”

Of course, it’s because I haven’t really given it much thought. It’s simply automatic to run to the mall or to a big box store. But maybe I need to rethink my holiday shopping strategy. There’s a completely different feel at these little fairs- they’re so much more personal, and they provide a different class of things for sale, too. Plus, it’s nice to meet the people who are actually making the things you buy. I felt good supporting their creativity and artistry.

And, speaking of “artistry”, let’s talk about cooking. I’ve been going through this lovely vintage volume lately:

I found it in a give-away pile this past summer and have only recently taken the time to go through it.

There’s a fun chapter for brides toward the back.

It includes a list which, once mastered, will set you well on your way to (according to the author) becoming “a proficient wife and hostess.” Here’s the bulk of the list:

Add to it tea, coffee, tomato bisque, and Irish stew, and you’re set.

And, how do I fare with said list?

Well, in almost thirty years of cooking, I have yet to prepare Lamb Chops or a piece of halibut. And, I have not made Irish Stew. Also, I have no experience with giblets. But, otherwise, I think I’m doing pretty well. How about you?

In knitting news, I spent part of Veteran’s Day weekend in an American Legion building knitting socks for CPT A, my favorite veteran.

It was all a coincidence, but I thought it ended up being a very appropriate activity for that particular weekend.

While there, I couldn’t help but notice a WWI/WWII memorial plaque in the hallway. Skimming the list, I noticed that seven of the names came from a single family: six men, one woman. It’s hard to fathom a one family making such an enormous contribution to the nation. Very sobering to think of.

I also finished two other long-running projects – a Shetland Scarf (started last winter)…

and this Tucson Pullover, begun in July.

It’s so nice to have both of these projects done and off the needles. They were well worth the time and effort, but it’s been a welcome change to begin something simpler – namely socks and a Christmas scarf.

I hope you’re staying nice and cozy as the temperatures drop. For now, I’ll leave you with a photo of Mr. Wa and Opal “snuggling” together on the couch.

Opal would love for them to do this more often, but Mr. Wa, cat that he is, can only stand so much togetherness.

From the church hallway, writing as I wait for the girls to finish up their Sunday night activities,

Mrs. Smythe




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  1. Thank you for the New England update! The fireplace mantle looked outstanding!