New Pets, Some Snow, and a Thanksgiving Table

The Berkshires looked like a Christmas card this past week. CPT A captured some of the beauty while off running errands. Just magical!

Not so magical…this broken snowblower:

This is what comes of mice in the shed. And, it perplexes me, because I want to be a “humane gardener”. I want to make a place for all wild creatures in my yard. I don’t want to trap and kill things. But when the mice chew through wires and build nests in mechanical devices, I begin to reconsider. Thankfully, CPT A will be able to do the repairs himself – we had only to order the parts.

While I’m not thankful for mice, I was thankful for the kind friend who invited us to Thanksgiving dinner this past week.  And what a feast it was!

Delicious! The conversation was great, the turkey was outstanding, and the things that woman can do with side dishes…! Cream sauces, bits of onion, mushrooms, butter, cheese… Let’s just say she makes it very easy to eat one’s vegetables.

Of course, I didn’t go over empty handed. I took a pumpkin pie and an apple pie. I was a bit out of practice, though, so made a trial pie earlier in the week, something I was actually happy to do as it meant several days of pie for breakfast.

(Do you see that cheeky dog eyeing my pie? The nerve!)

Did you know pie for breakfast is a New England custom? I didn’t know that until I read It’s an Old New England Custom, a fun little book published in 1946. There’s an entire chapter devoted to pie for breakfast, in fact.

I did use any of our own pumpkins for the pies, though. The puree I got was decidedly sub-par.

Instead, the remaining pumpkins were demoted to decor status, got soft, then were given over to the forest creatures. So much for this year’s pumpkin crop.

Speaking of creatures, perhaps you’re wondering about the new pets I alluded to in this post’s title. Well, it’s like this. The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we loaded into the car and drove to an animal shelter, hoping to adopt some chickens to fill out our shrunken flock (we were down to two birds from the original five). We had called and were told that there were plenty of chickens available. However, when we reached the shelter, we learned that one of the “hens” we’d been eyeing (online) was a rooster, and that all of the remaining birds, save one, were awaiting results from blood tests. They were not, therefore, adoptable yet.

We were very disappointed. We’d set our hearts on bringing home at least two new birds. Maybe three. Possibly four…

What to do?

Start looking in the other cages, of course. (At least that’s what we did.)

Fifteen minutes later, we pulled out of the parking lot with one chicken, one guinea fowl, and one heritage breed turkey.

Ginger said, looking at the little white “take-out” boxes the shelter gave us, that it was just like going to Build-A-Bear…only these animals were alive!

The birds were well-behaved on the ride home – not a peep or a squawk – and, we’ve had only minor “drama” between members of the old flock and the new. All things considered, it’s going extremely well.

I wish I had a better pictures to show you, but poultry are very hard to photograph when moving and almost every photo I took was blurry. Here is one passable shot of the little black hen. (Aren’t her feathers pretty?) Hopefully, next week I’ll have something better to show you.

From the dining room table, with the poultry bedded down for the night and entertaining thoughts of heading that direction myself,

Mrs. Smythe

8 Comments on “New Pets, Some Snow, and a Thanksgiving Table

  1. I love pie for breakfast! Of course to be fair it’s usually leftovers and not intentionally done for breakfast. I think it might be time to try it that way.

    • Absolutely! By the way, I was impressed to learn that pie making is becoming a something of an art in your house. I already knew your wife’s apple pie is delicious. Now I hear one of your sons can make sweet potato pie, too! You should have no problem getting some quality pie for breakfast, Mr. Bob. 😉

    • We think she’s a slate turkey – a heritage breed – which thrills me. (I love heritage breeds). So far, she’s mixing really with the chickens, and the little guinea hen is devoted to her. You’ll have to drop by and meet her!

  2. How fortunate for these new feathered friends to be adopted into your family! They will be nurtured and loved for many years to come!

  3. Growing up, we often had pie for breakfast and I still do when I have one!

    • Which makes me think that it must be tradition in more places than just New England! Maybe it’s the original “breakfast pastry”.