A Turkey at the Door, More Christmas Decor, and Some Holiday Shopping

Are you wondering how the turkey is doing?

The turkey is doing just fine.

The turkey, and even the guinea hen, are now both sleeping in the coop. At night, it’s one big, cozy flock.

Things are pretty chummy during the day, too, though the turkey gets irritated when everyone’s not hanging out together. Do you see her staring into the back door in the photo above? That’s what she does when she discovers we’ve gone back into the house. The turkey wants everybody to be together. All the time. Birds and humans.

And, the Guinea hen? She just goes wherever the turkey goes.

Ginger is currently trying to get the new additions tame enough to eat out of her hand. So far, only the older birds will comply, but Ginger has high hopes.

In other news, this was the week we got most of our holiday decorating done. On my morning dog walks, I scanned the neighbors’ yards for outdoor ideas. We don’t put usually put lights up – CPT A is a bit too busy for that these days – but I thought we might be able to add some holiday cheer in other ways. One popular motif I saw a lot of was the old-fashioned sled. I dug ours out of the shed, threw on some greenery, and we were set.

(The kids might protest this if we get snow, but we usually don’t get much until January, so the decor should be safe.)

Indoors, I got our tree up, added more animals to the mantle, and set candles (the electric kind) in the windows (very New England).

When everything is lit, it’s all very cozy – and, now, all I need is a fire in the fireplace!

We chipped away at some of the holiday shopping this past week, too. Pepper and I spent Saturday afternoon at the Yankee Candle flagship store in South Deerfield, which is Christmassy at any time of year, but particularly so right now.

The animatronic “Candle Mountain Boys” have even added Christmas songs to their repertoire.

The place was packed, though. If you go this week, ditch your cart (or “carriage” if you’re a New Englander). I tried to wheel my way around the store at first, but it’s really so much easier to get around without one. Also – expect a long wait to see Santa – 2 hours when we were there. (We skipped that part).

Here we are at the fudge counter…Pepper’s favorite stop.

Because the fudge was on sale, and because we couldn’t decide on a single flavor, we now have six squares of the stuff at home in our refrigerator. No one needs that much fudge. Truly. But, what can I say? It’s the holidays.

From the hallway at church, waiting for the kids’ Christmas party to finish up, so I can finally go home,

Mrs. Smythe

4 Comments on “A Turkey at the Door, More Christmas Decor, and Some Holiday Shopping

    • Thanks, Marian! 🙂 The fudge lasted through last evening. We finished it up while watching a movie. I think we decided “chocolate caramel” was our favorite flavor.

  1. Your home looks lovely! So happy your new feathered friends are now feeling like “family”!

    • Thank you for your kind words! 🙂 As to the birds, our biggest concern was that they wouldn’t mesh with the old flock…and, happily, that hasn’t been the case. I’m SO glad everyone is getting along.