More Snow…and a bit of Crochet

I don’t mean to harp on snow, but that seems to have been the theme of our week here.

This photo was taken on Monday:

And this photo was taken this morning, as we drove to church.

Fresh snow plus Daylight Savings Time made for a very sparse crowd in the pews.

But, back to the beginning of the week.

The snow was heavy enough on Monday for CPT A’s office to close. He took care of our driveway and then headed to the backyard with his plow to clear some ground for the chickens.

He blew the snow at a single area, and now Ginger has a nice sledding hill in the backyard – very clever, I thought

Ursa is thrilled that the snow is lasting so long.

And, I must confess, weve had some pretty moments…

But, Spring will be very welcome when it finally arrives.

In the meantime, I have tulips.

Aren’t these lovely?

Another bright spot – I’ve been crocheting again. I’m at work on another afghan. This one is a gift, or I’d show you a photo, but it will have to stay under wraps until it goes off to the recipient. In the meantime, I’ll show you a photo of someone else’s afghan – a blanket someone in my mother’s crochet group put together for Project Linus.

love the colors this woman chose! I think they are so pretty and so cheerful. Whoever gets this blanket will get a treasure.

And, finally, I’ll leave you with a photo of Mr. Wa and Opal. The girls were watching Thor in the living room last night and brought Opal down for some hang-out time. Mr. Wa arrived and didn’t want to be left out.

Opal loves Mr. Wa and was thrilled he spent so much time snuggled up with her. Mr. Wa is definitely getting more social as he ages. (He’s now 13).

From the upstairs bedroom, wondering if people get more social as they age…or, if it’s just the opposite. What do you think?

Mrs. Smythe

2 Comments on “More Snow…and a bit of Crochet

  1. Weeks like these make me feel spring is never going to come!

    • I know. Warmer temperatures are in sight this week – I’m hoping we’ve turned a corner.