Fair Isle Progress, the First Butterfly, and a Traveling Nest

The fair isle sweater continues to cook along swimmingly. Here is my progress as of last week. I think it’s interesting how the colors in the sweater echo the colors I’m seeing in my yard right now.

The purple of the irises…

and of the clematis, which opened just a few days ago.

The orange of this butterfly (an American Copper?) – the first butterfly I’ve seen in the yard this year.

Also, the blue of this black and white jumping spider….

…who currently inhabits a corner of our front porch. I think he looks like a walrus.

And, as you can see from the spider photo, we have an abundance of pollen right now. It’s everywhere. On our cars, on the plants, and on our furniture whenever we open the windows.

But back to the sweater.

Even the color of the chickens’ eggs is part of the scheme. Here’s a nest we found in a neighbor’s yard a few days ago. It belongs to Pam, our guinea hen. She has a habit of crossing the fence and hanging out in their shrubbery.

I had been wondering where all the guinea hen eggs were going. I thought perhaps Pam had stopped laying.

We collected these eggs, added chicken wire, and then found anotherย covert nest at the back of the yard today. The girls now have instructions to scout for eggs outside of the barn as well as inside of the nesting boxes each day.

And, finally, I’ll leave you with one last image; Mr. Wa, cradling a stem of cat mint…

…cat mint that was part of a bouquet I put together on Sunday. It didn’t last very long. I forgot that cats find the scent of cat mint alluring. Mr. Wa pulled the cat mint out of the arrangement and rolled in it…right on the dining room table.

Ridiculous cat.

From the dining room table, glad to see some rain in the forecast today – my garden was getting parched,

Mrs. Smythe

8 Comments on “Fair Isle Progress, the First Butterfly, and a Traveling Nest

  1. I love the picture of Mr. Wa! I think he shd have his own blog. ?

  2. Go Mr. Wa! We have cat mint in our garden, too. It must be like getting ice cream any time of the day. ?

    • She might be – I wouldn’t be surprised! We think the white chicken might also be laying in your yard – so be on the lookout. ๐Ÿ˜‰