Not For the Faint of Heart

Today’s blog is not for the faint of heart.

Shall I give you the worst first? Or shall I save it for last?

I think I’ll just go ahead and get the creepy photos out of the way. Here goes –

Creepy photo #1 – The Snake

This guy literally fell into the basement this past week. CPT A opened the door that leads to the patio, and the snake – who was resting in the stairwell – rolled in, righted itself, and slid behind the washing machine…all while I was upstairs doing the dinner dishes. CPT A grabbed a broom, eased the snake out, and carried him upstairs and out the front door. He got huge hero points from me for that rescue. HUGE points. Ugh.

Next up – the Wasp Nest.

CPT A found this little gem while trimming some shrubs in the side yard. This nest – which we thought was defunct – was in the Pachysandra next to the shrubs. CPT A brought it to me because I like to see this sort of thing – assuming there are no wasps in residence.


When we sliced it open, we noticed a family of wasps prepping for its debut. What did we do with the residents? We fed them to the chickens, of course. Double Ugh.

The chickens are huge fans of all things wormy. In fact, since we’ve started giving them meal worm treats, they’ve gotten almost too friendly. They hang out on the back step, making a mess, and pecking at the door in hopes one of the girls will come out and feed them a treat. If you come outside and don’t feed them worms, they act disgusted and walk away, twitching their feathers and casting reproachful glances at you.

Meanwhile, the turkey is getting bolder. This week, we caught her roosting on the car.

Granted, the roof rack is ideally suited to turkey talons, but really! We had to draw the line.

And, anyway, we had to move the car because CPT A was taking down a dead tree in the side yard, and the car was in the exact spot he was hoping to drop it.

Hooray for CPT A – he was nearly spot on with his placement. Thankfully, the irises, which took the brunt of the fall, survived with little more than a broken frond or two.

We hated taking the tree down, as we know dead trees are a boon to wildlife, but they are not a boon to cars or garage roofs, and with the winds we get here, we knew it was only a matter of time before something got damaged.

The local pond is now open for swimming.

Here you see Ginger taking the first dip of the season. Until recently, our days have been on the cooler side, so there weren’t many people at the beach, but Ginger will swim in just about any weather and didn’t mind the cold.

And, finally, firefly season has officially begun. We have a huge population this year – more than I can remember seeing in years past. I tried to get a photo and had miserable luck – only one faint glimmer which in no way conveys the lights show we get each evening. It’s really spectacular.

Trust me, it’s much better than this photo suggests.

From the dining room table, with warmer weather having finally arrived, and weeds multiplying in the garden…,

Mrs. Smythe





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  1. So much excitement at your home this week! Fabulous photos of all. As usual, thank you for sharing this enjoyable post!