December Recap

Hello! And welcome back after what I hope was a lovely holiday season.

We had a very nice Christmas. This year, we splurged on an artificial tree. Here’s Pepper at Home Depot, assessing the selection.

I was set on getting one of the cheaper models, but then this tree caught our eye, and when CPT A (via text) gave it his vote as well, we went ahead and made the plunge.

I’m so glad we did. It’s my favorite tree to date. The glittery “snow” makes it very pretty – even in the sunlight. And, it was nice not having to water a tree or vacuum up needles. Also, I didn’t have to be concerned about the tree drying up in the sun. The biggest challenge was getting it back into the box…and, we never did get the entire thing to fit. So, now we’ll need to get some sort of a storage bag. But, overall, I’m very glad we made the purchase.

The past few weeks brought a couple of fun travel opportunities for our family. Pepper went to New York with her drama club in December to see Phantom of the Opera.

She had such a great time, she asked to go back a few weeks later for her birthday. This time, Ginger and I tagged along.

We took a bus into the city and had enough time for a bit of shopping and a matinee performance of Aladdin.

It was wonderful! Unlike the girls, I’m not a huge fan of music theater, but even I was amazed by the costumes, the sets, and the special effects – not to mention the singing and dancing.

Now, let’s see, what has been going on around the house….

More eggs!

Now, two of our hens are laying – surprising, considering the lower levels of daylight, but very welcome, I assure you.

And, the geraniums we brought in at the end of summer continue to bloom.

It’s always nice to have something flowering in winter.

Toward the beginning of December, we had lots of snow and ice. All of the shoveling I did gave me plenty of opportunities to try out one of my recent knitting projects – a “dickey.” Are you old enough to remember when these were sold in stores?

You wouldn’t think it would deliver much warmth – but it does! And, it’s wonderfully convenient, because, unlike a scarf, there aren’t any ends dangling and getting in the way. On extra cold days, I wear it around the house – especially if I’m wearing my hair up. It keeps the back of my neck from getting cold.

Other snow gear I finished in December – these mittens for Ginger.

I did not have as much luck with a sweater vest I was attempting to finish in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Here you see it at its start…

And now it is all unraveled and sitting in a pile in the closet. I tried several different patterns with the yarn and nothing seemed to work the way I wanted it to. I do like the yarn, though, so maybe I’ll use it for something simpler…perhaps a scarf.

As a sort of palate cleanser, I’m currently knitting a selection of colorful yarns from Lion Brand’s Ferris Wheel line into an afghan.

Here are the first two squares:

I’m basing my afghan on the Noro “To The Point” blanket. The yarn I’m using is a little thinner than what the pattern calls for, though, so I’m having to improvise. I think my afghan will have 42 squares.

So, that brings you up to date. I hope your New Year is off to a great start, and that you’re settling into cozy, relaxing days after all of the holiday fuss. I plan to drink lots of tea and do lots of knitting and reading in the coming weeks. I hope you have similarly pleasant plans. From the dining room table, getting ready to knit yet another afghan square,

Mrs. Smythe

6 Comments on “December Recap

  1. Wonderful update on you and yours! Happy New Year and blessings on you all this upcoming year!

  2. Love the blue mittens. Any extras in your stash?

    • Hi, Grandma Marian! Glad you liked the mittens – no extras at present, but I’ll keep you in mind. 😉

  3. Love the update! And as always, awe struck by your knitting.