Chickens, Baking, and a Bit Too Much Knitting

Things have been a bit more relaxed around here of late. The other day, I caught Ginger with the chickens in our mud room. Chickens in the house!

Actually, I read somewhere that some colonists did keep chickens in their homes. And, as fun as the sounds, it would be messy. Thankfully, Ginger shooed the chickens back outside before they did anything that would require cleaning.

How are you spending your days? I’ve been knitting – too much. A little in the morning…a bit more in the afternoon…a lot at night…and the next thing you know, I wake up with my shoulder feeling wonky. It’s time I scale back the knitting and find some other things to do. But, first, I’ll show you what I was working on this week.

I started another sweater with the notorious green yarn.

You may remember this yarn from a post in December. I’ve tried two other patterns with this yarn. No good. Hopefully, this third time will be the charm.

And, the colorful afghan continues. I’m nearing the end. 32/42 squares done.

Have you, like me, been spending more time cooking? I’m finally finding time to try out some of the recipes I’d clipped “for later”. Also – I’m revisiting some of our old favorites. Here you see Creamy Cheddar-Potato Soup with Bacon – absolutely the best potato soup I’ve ever eaten. Try it! You’ll love it.

And, here’s something Pepper made the other day – chocolate chip cookies. I love these. They didn’t last long.

So, our weather is gradually warming, though we had another snow storm this past week that slowed things down a bit. Here you see the forsythia, just on the verge of blooming.

And, the daffodils are poised to open…just as soon as the snow melts.

The pond has thawed, and we have a fresh crop of goldfish…descendants of the three we popped into the water years and years ago.

And, when the sun does shine, the chickens and turkey have been busy dust bathing in a particularly sunny spot on the north side of the yard.

I like to visit the same spot in the afternoons to do a bit of reading in the sun. It’s hard to read unmolested, though. The chickens come over expecting to be fed. They’re so nosy! The pull at my shoes and nip my pant legs. Maybe this is what comes of Ginger letting them in the house.

Don’t let your chickens in the house. It gives them ideas.

From the dining room table, thinking perhaps I’ll make some bean soup today,

Mrs. Smythe

8 Comments on “Chickens, Baking, and a Bit Too Much Knitting

  1. The blanket is spectacular, Mrs. Smythe! What an accomplishment!

  2. Honking obnoxiously as we drive by! Miss you!

    • Keep honking, Shepherdess! πŸ™‚ Hope you and the family are faring well. Getting any weaving done?

  3. What beautiful knitting projects! Planning to try that soup recipe! Mmm…