Seeking Color

There’s always a sort of color “drought” between the months of January and March, and I find myself strongly drawn to anything bright and cheery during this part of the year. Do you feel this way, too? Here are some of the things that have been helping me recently as I wait for the flowers and leaves return.

Ginger’s crafting:

Ginger’s crochet projects are always colorful and cheery, but her latest – a spring-heralding pony – tops them all. It actually evolved from a problem she was having with a pattern she’d bought. She wasn’t able to figure out the mane portion, so she went in a completely different direction and adorned the horse with flowers and vines instead.

What a happy accident!

In my own crafting, I’ve continued to work on my vibrant knitted afghan in the mornings while CPT A reads the news to me. I’d say at this point, I’m about halfway done. Shadow approves.

The girls celebrated Victor Hugo’s birthday in February by baking a French flag-inspired cake. This was the fitting conclusion to our family’s Les Mis marathon. In the span of about four weeks, we watched four versions of the film along with two anniversary concerts. Now, when conversation lags, we just debate which Javert we prefer. I’m partial to Geoffrey Rush’s version.

Thankfully, the weather has been mild lately, and, though the landscape is bleak, I’ve been able to sit out in the sun with my feet in the grass on several occasions.

And, we’ve been able to work in the yard a bit, too, which is good because we lost another portion of one of our pine trees last month.

CPT A grabbed the chainsaw and went to work as soon as we spotted the damage. Thankfully, he managed to fell the limb without taking out a lilac bush that lay in its the path.

The playscape did get a bit crunched, though. But, as the children have long since abandoned it, we weren’t too concerned

The chickens and turkey came over once the chainsaw stopped. They were looking for bugs, and seemed to approve the change to the landscape.

After a bit of tree sleuthing, CPT A concluded woodpecker holes in the tree had let moisture in. That moisture then froze on the inside of the trunk and eventually compromised the tree.

Now, we have the task of cleaning up and disposing of the wood. We’ve taken care of most of the branches at this point, but the trunk is pretty thick and will take some doing.

In the meantime, I’ve been studying the insect tracks on some of the wood I’ve found. Doesn’t it look like ancient writing? Maybe the bugs are trying to send us messages.

From the dining room table, sincerely hoping there aren’t any more pine trees planning to topple this season,

Mrs. Smythe

8 Comments on “Seeking Color

  1. Love the horse. Another great work Alison

  2. I agree on your crafting talents and color choices. Great stuff.
    In relation to the bug lines, perhaps they are the “alien communicators” to the Egyptians to develop hieroglyphics. Tee-hee

    • Thanks, Aunt Barb! 🙂 Perhaps we’ve all underestimated the noble scarab beetle. 😉

  3. The knitting and crafting projects are so beautiful. Kudos to you both!