Sugar Gliders and Other Ways We’re Passing the Time

First off – I hope you are well and in possession of toilet paper. Has your life changed as drastically as ours has?

Here in Massachusetts, we’re doing our best to self-quarantine, dashing out for groceries about once a week and otherwise staying home. Pepper is on spring break, soon to start online versions of her classes. Ginger continues to plug away at home school. Her sewing and dance classes have been cancelled until further notice. CPT A’s office is functioning at limited staffing, so he’s been home too. Which is not a bad thing, of course. We always like having him around. Besides, home has been a lively and interesting place of late.

For one thing, we’ve had visitors – a pair of sugar gliders we watched while their owners were visiting family in another state. Their care fell largely to Ginger, but we all enjoyed interacting with them.

They’re very amusing little creatures. Lively at night, docile by day. Occasionally, we’d hear one “bark” in the wee hours. They’re about the size of chipmunks and very soft.

When it was time for them to leave, Ginger packed them up in their little carrying case and CPT A drove them and their cage home.

It was a nice diversion for all of us.

Despite a recent snow storm…

…things are heading toward spring.

Lilacs are budding.

And the bulbs are starting to come up.

These are my giant allium…not so giant, yet.

Nearby yards have crocuses blooming in the warmer spots. It’s a welcome sight.

The other day, I squatted down to get a shot of some emerging daffodils and my camera flipped its view and I got this photo instead:

“So, this is what the flowers see,” I thought. I’m starting to save these “surprise” photos. Sometimes I like them better than the more posed and contrived ones I take.

Inside the house, the geraniums continue to bloom.

It’ll be time to put them back outside, soon.

And, with everyone home, the pets have received an enormous amount of attention this week. CPT A was even able to groom all of them. Here you see Mr. Wa getting a good brushing (note the gloves – Mr. Wa does not like to be brushed!). Ginger had to stand by with cat treats to try and distract Wa while CPT A worked. The grooming session did not last long, and Mr. Wa sulked and hissed at the dogs for the rest of the afternoon.

Mr. Wa – like many people – tends to take his irritation out on those around him.

From the dining room table, getting ready to watch a movie (Rawhide) and drink some tea,

Mrs. Smythe

6 Comments on “Sugar Gliders and Other Ways We’re Passing the Time

  1. The sugar gliders are so darn cute! We are getting buds on trees, but the rest are still under some snow.

    • You sound like you’re close to where we are with the seasons. I feel like we’re always behind everyone else in the spring and ahead of everyone in the fall.

  2. Delightful post. Thank you for sharing from Massachusetts! Glad you are staying well!