More Snow, a Dog’s Haircut, and Too Much Baking

Spring continues to prove elusive here in western Massachusetts. We’ve had snow twice since my last post.

Granted, the second time, it was simultaneously sunny.

So strange.

I refuse to be put off from yard work, though. Tired of waiting for warmer weather, I finally just bundled up and went outside to putter in the garden. It’s a bit like swimming in cold water. Once you actually “get in” and start moving around, it isn’t so bad.

It’s helped that the seeds I ordered finally arrived.

They took a while to get here, but they’re still well in time for planting. Most of them can’t go into the ground until after our final frost date – May 8.

So, what else has been going on?

Ginger and I have been playing cards regularly. Our favorite game is “Dutch Blitz.” Have you ever heard of it?

It’s a bit like double solitaire. No matter how hard I try, I can’t beat Ginger. She’s lightning fast. My only chance is to catch her first thing in the morning when she’s still half asleep.

CPT A gave Ursa a spring haircut. The entire process took about a week, as he sheared her in stages with a set of clippers that was less than ideal but eventually did the job.

We ended up with a grocery bag full of fur (which I scattered in the forest for the birds to use in their nests) and a much peppier dog. Also – vacuuming doesn’t take nearly as long now as Ursa seems to be our prime shedder.

The poultry are all laying right now, which means an abundance of eggs.

We share with a neighbor and then do our best to keep up with the outpouring. This means more baking than usual. We make things like…

French toast sticks:

These were CPT America’s doing and they were delicious. He used one of Pioneer Woman’s recipes – you can find it HERE . The recipe makes a lot. We froze the leftovers, and Ginger ate them for breakfast for the rest of the week.

I use egg in my pie crusts, so pie is another way we use up surplus eggs.

This was a “Classic Apple Crumb Pie” I found HERE. It was really good but calls for more apples than I usually use in a pie. I got scared when I was mounding them into the crust and so held some in reserve. I shouldn’t have worried – the pie shrunk down substantially and would have been fine if I’d piled them all in as the recipe directed.

Lemon pie also uses eggs – so we tried some of that too.

And, for Easter, I made cinnamon rolls. That took care of three more eggs.

The girls are doing their share of baking. Here’s a cake they threw together the other evening. The frosting they chose uses egg whites, so they get extra points for that.

If you’re interested, you can find the frosting recipe HERE. It made the cake taste a bit like a Whoopie Pie.

CPT A’s sourdough bread doesn’t use any eggs, but I thought I’d show you that his experiment with sourdough starter is going really well, and that his first loaf of bread, made entirely with his own starter, was a success.

Isn’t that beautiful?

And, finally, I’ve had requests for a recent photo of Manny. Here’s one taken this week.

That’s one of Manny’s favorite toys. He carries it around and grooms it, like it’s his child.

From the dining room table, getting ready to get out the colored pencils to do some sketching – a hobby I’ve happily rediscovered since self-isolating,

Mrs. Smythe

8 Comments on “More Snow, a Dog’s Haircut, and Too Much Baking

  1. There he is! Thank you for the picture of Manny. We had a cur dog show up at our house back in August last year. We took him in, of course, and just love him. We named him Bruce. Thank you again for Manny’s beautiful picture! He is so photogenic! But, you take such good pictures you could make anything look good!! 🙂

    • What a nice thing to say about my photos, Kristi – thank you! Bruce is such a great name for a dog.

  2. My husband Chad has a culinary degree and is soon finishing his hospitality degree. He’s our principal chef. We hard boil extra eggs for egg salad and deviled eggs, and he also makes mayonnaise and other sauces (hollandaise, etc) we can keep for a short time and use on other foods. Do your dogs like raw egg mixed into their dry food?

    • Sounds like you’re eating well! All great suggestions for surplus eggs – thank you, Sarah!

  3. You have one very busy kitchen! Everything looks wonderful!