May Update – lots of animals, some baking, and a bit of gardening

It’s hard to feel isolated when you’re surrounded by animals. That’s one of the things that has helped our family during these past weeks of self-isolation. The pets keep us firmly set in our routines. They provide us with companionship. They entertain us. I’m beginning to view them less as dependents and more as contributors to our quality of life.

Which isn’t to say pet ownership isn’t without its drawbacks. We frequently chafe under all of the maintenance and care the animals require. But, I think for us, at least, the benefits outweigh the irritations.

With warmer weather here, it was time to give Kipper his annual cut. CPT A is getting faster, and, this year, we didn’t have to muzzle Kipper – instead, Ginger cajoled him into compliance with spoonfuls of peanut butter.

The backyard flock is down to four now. We lost another chicken to old age a couple of weeks ago. The flock seems strangely small, and we’ve ordered three ducks to round things out again. They’re due to arrive in June.

The turkey remains broody and has built a nest for herself on the other side of the back fence. She’s very protected and camouflaged. Ginger was the one who finally spotted her after seeing her hop the fence.

And, our first green frog appeared last week in the pond.

Followed by this toad who appeared on the chickens’ water.

We don’t see many toads, so this was a treat.

As to the cats, Mr. Wa seems to be growing more affectionate and friendly with age. In his younger years, he was much more aloof. These days, he wants to be involved in everything we do.

He finds Pepper’s craft projects especially intriguing.

And, happily, we’ve seen lots of bees this spring – both honey and bumble. Our apple tree should have a good crop.

I hope the bees will also visit the vegetable garden I put in on the south side of the house.

The girls teasingly said it looked like a graveyard, but I’m sure it will look a lot more garden-like once the plants start growing.

And, finally, a bit of baking. Ginger and CPT A went all out yesterday and made two batches of macrons.

If you’ve ever made these, you know how labor intensive they can be. But, the results were impressive, and I think they did a great job!

I hope you’re doing well and that you have plenty of interesting things to keep you busy these days. I hope, too, that your weather has improved as much as ours has. I find it’s so much easier to be cheerful when the weather is nice.

From the dining room table, getting ready to eat another one of those macrons before they’re all gone,

Mrs. Smythe

4 Comments on “May Update – lots of animals, some baking, and a bit of gardening

  1. The macaroons were delightful, I really enjoyed them. The vegetable garden looks wonderful, maybe the chickens will stay out of it now.

    • Thank you! So glad you liked them! The chickens are fenced out, but Pam can hop the fence, and I suspect she took out a couple of my cucumber seedlings yesterday. 🙁 I’ve since added some fencing and deterrents. Hopefully those will keep her and other nibblers out.

  2. Thoroughly delightful post! Good to hear from you again!tea