Summer of the rabbits

We’ve had more rabbits this summer than any other summer I can remember. They’re everywhere! When I walk the dogs, I see them eating clover in people’s yards. Not just one rabbit, but groups of two and three munching placidly. The dogs barely even notice them anymore.

We have our own population. One, a baby with a little white blaze on his forehead, is particularly tame. Pepper feeds it raspberries. We have to nudge it into hiding before we let out the dogs. He’s very cute.

But, what is not cute is the damage the rabbits have done to my garden. I naively thought I wouldn’t need a fence. Next year, that will be one of the first things I put in.

These peas were almost ripe. I’d been trying to decide when exactly to pick them. Then, poof! They were gone; the plants nibbled to nubs, the pods scattered on the ground. My kale has been similarly savaged.


I spoke with a neighbor on my dog walk last night, and she said she had suffered similar damage…and her garden is even fenced. She has a groundhog to contend with in addition to the rabbits. We agreed that it was disheartening.

But – I remain optimistic. Some things are doing very well. Some things hold no lure for the rabbits. For every pea, there are at least twenty tomatoes ripening.

And, as to the rabbits…well, at least they’re cute.

From the dining room table, hoping to get some more lettuce planted today,

Mrs. Smythe