Two Tasty Pies

Our abundant yellow squash harvest has had me looking for creative ways to use up the bounty. One of my favorite ways has been squash pie. Surprised? So was I. But, it was delicious!

The recipe I used can be found HERE. The only thing I would do differently next time would be to cook the squash a little longer. My squash puree wasn’t completely smooth, and, as a result, the finished pie had a tapioca-esque texture. I didn’t mind this, but the family said they would prefer something less bumpy next time. The taste, though, was very good – a vanilla custard flavor with just a hint of nutmeg. Excellent!

I also made a sour cream-lemon pie over the weekend. We all like lemon pie, but none of us is particularly fond of the meringue that usually goes on top. My mother suggested I try sour cream-lemon instead.

I wish I’d known about this pie sooner. So delicious! And very easy, too. It gave us that lemon fix we were looking for without the bother of the meringue. This is my new favorite lemon pie. If you’d like the recipe I used, you can find it HERE.

From the dining room table, looking forward to one last slice of squash pie this afternoon with my tea,

Mrs. Smythe

6 Comments on “Two Tasty Pies

  1. Lemon anythings is a favorite of mine! I need to try this and not have to worry about the meringue.

  2. I’ve never heard of sour cream-lemon before – how did you make it, as I am also not so fond of meringue toppings 🙂

    • Hi Georgia! It’s super simple – basically, it’s just the lemon portion of lemon meringue pie with sour cream stirred in. It tastes a little creamier, but still very lemony. If you click on the link in the post, it will take you to the recipe I used.