Gardening With Rabbits

The rabbits! I wish I could hate them. They’ve done awful things to my garden this year…snuck through fencing, chewed flowers down to nubs, eaten all the beans. I understand now why Mr. McGregor was so upset when he spotted Peter.

But I also can’t help but find these garden visitors cute. Even endearing. Especially when Pepper lures them out of hiding with raspberries and snaps beautiful photos like these.

Don’t you just want to reach out and stroke that fur?

The rabbits have become so tame, they lope right up to the porch while I’m sitting there reading.

They rustle around in the front flower beds, looking sweet while they nibble the flowers stalks. (They’re nibbling my flower stalks!!!)

I don’t know what to do other than sigh and accept it for what it is…and plan to put up stronger fencing in the vegetable garden next year. Below, you see the stunted carrots I pulled up last week – kept from reaching their full potential by the rabbits who lopped off the majority of their leaves. (The carrots were still tasty, if tiny.)

Another small vegetable I grew – though this one was stunted by bad placement, not the rabbits.

The bulk of the pumpkins and butternut squash are nearly ready for harvest now. I’ve picked a few already and baked the season’s first pumpkin pie yesterday.

And, the morning glory transplants have finally engulfed the fence.

They took a while to get started, but now they’re going strong.

If you’ve gardened this year, I hope you’ve had a good season. I feel like I learned an enormous amount this year. Maybe you feel the same.

From the dining room table, turning in early so I can do some reading before I fall asleep,

Mrs. Smythe

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