Turnip time

I’d never planted turnips before this year. Heck, I’d never even eaten a turnip before! But, this spring, I thought I’d give them a try.

Now they’re ready, and I had to look up recipes last night to figure out what to do with them. Mashed turnips seemed like a good place to start. Here was the result:

They were delicious! Even the kids liked them. They admitted that if I hadn’t told them they were turnips, they would have guessed they were mashed potatoes. The turnips did have a bit of an aftertaste that I don’t normally associate with potatoes, but otherwise, they were very similar in both taste and texture. Extra points because I got to use parsley from the garden as well. I’ll definitely be making these again. If you’re interested in trying the recipe I used, you can find it HERE. (I did dial back the pepper a bit, as the kids aren’t fans of spicy food – but otherwise, I left the recipe alone.)

From the dining room table, hoping to transplant some stray morning glories today,

Mrs. Smythe

First monarch of the season

So excited to see a Monarch butterfly in my front garden yesterday! Of course, it was on the milkweed. Let’s hope this is the first of many such visitors!

It’s Harvest time

Things are moving along quickly in the garden. Previously, we’d had only radishes and lettuce and one lone turnip to sample. Now, things are kicking into high gear with the summer squash appearing and maturing at an astounding rate. And, while we lost a good portion of the kale and all of the peas to the rabbits, the yellow squash is doing its best to make it up to us.

Above, you see yesterday’s lunch, which was pleasingly plant based. The zucchini, squash, and greens all came from our garden. Very tasty stuff. Looking at the squash vines, though, I predict we will be eating a lot of summer squash in the weeks to come. A lot.

From the dining room table, anticipating storms this evening,

Mrs. Smythe

P.S. If you’re interested, the squash recipe I used is a variation of one you will find HERE. I used zucchini instead of green peppers.


I promise I don’t have any favorites with the ducks, but for some reason, I tend to photograph Pearl the most. Maybe it’s because she tends to hang around me more than the others. Or maybe, like Roger, she just likes to have her picture taken. Whatever the reason, I have more photos of Pearl than I do of the other ducks.

She’s yellow now, but in a few weeks, her feathers will grow in white and tan, and she’ll have a little “mask”. It’ll be fun to see the transformation.

And – a quick update. All of the ducklings are over a pound now. They’re three weeks old as of Monday.

From the dining room table, needing to get my grocery list put together,

Mrs. Smythe

Summer of the rabbits

We’ve had more rabbits this summer than any other summer I can remember. They’re everywhere! When I walk the dogs, I see them eating clover in people’s yards. Not just one rabbit, but groups of two and three munching placidly. The dogs barely even notice them anymore.

We have our own population. One, a baby with a little white blaze on his forehead, is particularly tame. Pepper feeds it raspberries. We have to nudge it into hiding before we let out the dogs. He’s very cute.

But, what is not cute is the damage the rabbits have done to my garden. I naively thought I wouldn’t need a fence. Next year, that will be one of the first things I put in.

These peas were almost ripe. I’d been trying to decide when exactly to pick them. Then, poof! They were gone; the plants nibbled to nubs, the pods scattered on the ground. My kale has been similarly savaged.


I spoke with a neighbor on my dog walk last night, and she said she had suffered similar damage…and her garden is even fenced. She has a groundhog to contend with in addition to the rabbits. We agreed that it was disheartening.

But – I remain optimistic. Some things are doing very well. Some things hold no lure for the rabbits. For every pea, there are at least twenty tomatoes ripening.

And, as to the rabbits…well, at least they’re cute.

From the dining room table, hoping to get some more lettuce planted today,

Mrs. Smythe