Sugar Gliders and Other Ways We’re Passing the Time

First off – I hope you are well and in possession of toilet paper. Has your life changed as drastically as ours has? Here in Massachusetts, we’re doing our best to self-quarantine, dashing out for groceries about once a week and otherwise staying home….

What Every Home Needs

A kind neighbor passes along issues of The English Home to me when she’s finished with them. Are you familiar with the magazine? It’s wonderful. I always enjoy seeing the interiors of so many beautiful and, frequently, historic houses. One thing I’ve noted is that many of…

Ginger’s Favorite Christmas Gift

Meet CPT Bulldog. CPT Bulldog is not our fish. CPT Bulldog is a fish that we watched (fish-sat?) for a week over Thanksgiving when some friends of ours went to Oklahoma. Ginger especially enjoyed fish-sitting. She included CPT Bulldog in as many activities as she could that week. Things like school…

Cat Makeover

The girls have downloaded a new app to my phone. It’s called TAAZ, and for three dollars, it allows you to virtually try on all sorts of hairstyles. At first the girls used it to try styles on themselves, but after a while, that got dull, and…

The Meet and Greet

I had to stay home the morning we got Manny. We had Ginger’s birthday party coming up, and the house needed to be cleaned. Plus, CPT America was concerned too many people might overwhelm the dog. And space in the car was tight, too….