New Yard Visitors and a Traveling Turkey

Things continue to wake up in the yard and in the neighborhood. These days, the corn we put out for the chickens draws a wide range of visitors – from chipmunks and birds to squirrels and, most recently, a rabbit. Meanwhile, the azalea in…

Cloning Amy

Ginger brought another toy to me this weekend to be mended. This time it was “Amy” – a stuffed cat she’s had for years. Amy had already been repaired before (see HERE), and, as I examined her, my thought was that she was really beyond patching….

Stuffed Animal Hospital

With the holidays, the dogs did not get their regular walks on Christmas Day. Nor did they get walks on the day after Christmas. Nor the day after that. For three days, they watched us come and go, and that was all. No walks….

A Bit of Surgery

Manny’s been at it again. He found one of Pepper’s tiny stuffed animals the other day and gnawed on it. Pepper brought it to me, hoping I could help. I could. I have rudimentary sewing skills – the sort that are useful for hemming things…

Amy’s Turn

A while back – in December, actually – Ginger brought me one of her little stuffed cats, hoping I could repair her. The cat’s name is “Jean” and I write “her” a bit hesitantly because Ginger told me last night that Jean is sometimes…